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In the Union and Confederate armies there were many different uniforms. On both sides theuspvt2.jpg (6101 bytes)e uniform was worn year round. The overcoat was worn sometimes in the winter but other than that the uniforms were worn day after day. When the war had just begun, many militia uniforms were totally different from the official blue and gray. One Scottish regiment was even known to have marched down Washington in kilts! zouave.jpg (6576 bytes)

The only odd uniforms that lasted throughout the war were the Zouaves of the 5th New York Infantry.The Zouaves wore red baggy uniforms and turban like hats. The Zouaves actually proved to be pretty successful.


After a while most Union soldiers had an official uniform and sturdy shoes.

The Confederates, however, had poorly made clothes and barley any shoes at all.

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