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A Soldier's Day

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Soldiers on both sides had very similar lives. A day would start out with reveille at about 4:30 in the morning. If you were on campaign you would be on the march by 5:00! Marching was grueling!

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If you were encamped you would go to roll call then eat breakfast with your mess mates. Men were divided into mess mates, and usually there were four men grouped into mess mates. These mess mates had 2 tents and shared a winter hut together.

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During the day you either marched or drilled. Drilling was hot in the summer and very uncomfterable. Marching wasn't’t much better. At night, soldiers sometimes played cards or read, (many times they were read to.) Both sides had a good postal system and many men wrote home. Most men didn’t see their families till the end of the war. (If you made it to the end of the war!) In the winter sometimes men started a snowball fight. Some snowball fights involved hundreds of men! Most of a soldiers life though, was pure boardroom.



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